The transporters’ wheel-jam strike here enters the fourth day on Saturday as they refused to accept the fares reduced in the wake of the decrease in the petroleum products’ rates.

The strike had started when the District Regional Transport Authority fined them for overcharging the passengers. Member of Transporters Union Shaukat Ranjha said that they had reduced 10pc fares and were charging the passengers accordingly thus the DRTA crackdowns on the transporters were not justified.

He said their vehicles were being impounded with fines without receipts. According to DRTA spokesperson, the transporters had been overcharging in defiance of the government order. He denied the allegation of not giving receipts after recovery of fines. He said the RTA staff had been strictly instructed to take action against transporters who were not abiding by reduced rates. Meanwhile, the members of civil society supported the RTA crackdown on the transporters for overcharging the passengers.

Pakistan Ex-Servicemen Society’s Kissan Wing Secretary Mukhtar Virk said that transporters’ mafia was very strong due to political patronage. He said the transporters union comprised rich transporters who in addition to overcharging the passengers extort Rs300 to Rs500 per vehicle from drivers when they leave. He also urged RTA to take action against transport mafia for compelling small transporters not to run their vehicles.