These days the media is giving details of various scandals where politicians, bureaucrats, ministers, judiciary etc are involved in high level corruption. In spite of all details and documents provided, by the anchor no action is ever taken by the government or judiciary. I think when everyone is involved, from the chief executive of the government to NAB, no one is ready to open this Pandora Box fearing a back lash. I wish to add to this list of corruption cases another case which is hidden till now.

When our rulers or dignitaries visit any country they are given expensive gifts which are state property. These gifts are to be deposited in the government treasury, as it is government’ property and not personal property, of those who receives it, as per standing instructions. But there is a loop hole, they can deposit the said value of the item and keep it. This rule has been miss used for 67 years! For example if one gets a wrist watch from the ruler of Dubai worth Rs 10 million, the Price Committee of the government would assess it as worth only Rs 200/ and the government official, who got it, would deposit Rs 200 in the treasury to own the watch.

All of our ex-Presidents, PMs, governors, CMs and many officials have been getting very expensive gifts, but after paying a ridiculously low price or token money, have been taking these home. I recommend that someone in charge of the treasury should evaluate these gifts, received by our honorable government officials, and tell the public about their disposal, along with their actual price and price deposited. I know a case where a Mercedes Benz was gifted to one of our Chief Ministers, by the ruler of a gulf state and he has it for his personal use, surely by paying token money to the government treasury.


Lahore, November 19.