Lahore: As many as 83 people fainted; while amongst them 4 are in critical condition in a gas leakage incident from cold storage factory in Badami Bhag an area of Lahore.

The gas pipe exploded in a cold storage factory near Badami Bhag an area besides Sabzi Mandi and 83 people fainted due to leakage of toxic ammonia gas while the owner of cold storage escaped from the scene after the incident.

The victims were rushed to local hospital for medical treatment. 35 persons were taken to Mayo hospital, while 45 persons were shifted to Nawaz Sharif Hospital and three were shifted to Ganga Ram hospital.

The cold storage factory was sealed after the incident, while the leakage was stopped after the pipeline was repaired.

Advisor to Chief Minister Punjab on Health Khawaja Salman Rafiq said that four persons have been admitted to Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Meanwhile, CM Punjab Shahbaz Sharif took notice of the matter and sought a detailed report from the relevant authorities on the matter.