Islamabad - A book titled ‘Development Communication,’ which highlights the importance of communication in development sectors, was launched here yesterday by Rifah International University.

The book is written by Dr Abdul Jabbar Khan who is a faculty member of Rifah Institute of Media Sciences while Managing Director, Associated Press of Pakistan (APP), Masood Malik graced the occasion as chief guest.

Speaking on the occasion, Masood Malik termed the book as a master piece for media students, adding that it would bring revolution in the field of media studies. He said by getting guidance from the book, the media students could play significant role in the field of communication. He said unfortunately the journalism and whole society in the country had been politicised therefore the social and developmental sector had been given less importance. He stressed the need to divert the attention of media towards the development sector for the socio-economic prosperity of the country.

“This book is a complete guidance specially for the media person as they can learn how to cover the development sector of the society”, Masood Malik added. Dr Abdul Jabbar said that the book incorporated the role of communication, aims and characteristics, impact of communication on governance and development, democracy and how did communication matter for development and the communication functions of government.

, communication action plan and development of communication campaign, economic models and democratic governance for meaningful development as well as terrorism, violence and crimes obstructing development process. He said, “If we want to bring the development in our society then we would have to change our social behaviour and we would always have to speak about development and think development.”