The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has made arrangements to ensure the conduct of third phase of the local bodies in a free, fair and transparent manner on December 5.

Sialkot DEC Malik Javaid Iqbal said that the LB polls would be held in all the 124 rural union councils of Sialkot district and in 24 urban union councils of Municipal Corporation Sialkot on December 5. He said that there were total 124 rural union councils of Sialkot Zila Council, out of which Sialkot tehsil has 44 union councils, Daska tehsil 31 union councils, Pasrur tehsil 34 union councils and Sambrial tehsil 15 rural union councils.

Likewise, there are 24 urban union councils of Sialkot Municipal Corporation; 30 wards in Daska city; 20 wards in Sambrial city and 26 wards in Pasrur city. He said that the ECP would establish total 1,539 polling stations and 4,332 polling booths in Sialkot district for the coming LB polls.

Meanwhile, candidates of almost all the political parties and the independents with their supporters have started door-to-door campaign seeking votes in streets, wards and union councils. They carry replicas of their electoral symbols as gift to their voters and supporters.

A great political hustle and bustle is being witnessed everywhere there in Sialkot district, as the main political parties including PML-N and PTI were also airing their party songs on loudspeakers. All the candidates are trying to prove themselves as the true servants of the people. Almost all the boundary walls of the houses in streets and along the roads have been covered by colourful posters, portraits , banners, stickers and giant flexes by the candidates belonging to the political parties including PML-N , PTI, PPP and JI.

The candidates have also decorated their election halls with the giant party flags and their electoral symbols besides displaying giant portraits of their party leaders. The candidates are serving hot soups, Jalebies, Pakoras and tea to their voters and supporters at their election halls in all the four Sialkot, Daska, Sambrial and Pasrur tehsils here besides displaying big LCDs there to lure the local people. Most of the candidates belonging to different clans are hopeful to win. They said that the Biradarism plays a vital role in the politics. All the main parties including PML-N, PTI and PPP are claiming to give tough time to each other in the coming LB polls.