ABBOTTABAD: A wild leopard attacked a 10-year-old boy Azhar, killing him in the forest area of Makol Bala in Abbottabad.

According to details, the incident took place when Azhar was playing outside the house and a wild leopard attacked him claiming his life on the spot. The relatives came out from the house after hearing Azhar’s screams but were unable to chase the beast as it escaped from the scene unhurt.

The corpse of the deceased was taken to a Hospital for post mortem after which the doctors handed over the body to the family.The incident has created fear among the locals.

The boy’s uncle and teachers visited forest ministry office and demanded to capture the leopard as early as possible. The bereaved family also pressed the officials to take precautionary measures to protect the lives of villagers.

According to natives, more than three people have been attacked by leopards in Makol Bala Valley over the past few months.