“The Prime minister of a poor country cannot afford to have

new clothes, lavish food and a personal home for himself.”

–Liaquat Ali Khan

Liaquat Ali Khan was born in an aristocratic family on 1st October 1896 at Karnal. His father, Nawab Rustam Ali Khan, enjoyed the title of Ruken-ud-Daulah, Shamsher Jang and Nawab Bahadur, bestowed by the British government. He was one of the few landlords whose landed property was spread in two provinces of India; Punjab and UP. He was brought up in the enlightened atmosphere. He left everything for Pakistan his status, property, and the life style. He claimed nothing from the Pakistani government as remedy against his property as lot of people do. When he was appointed as Prime Minster the first question arose was the pay of PM. At that time his pay was decided to be only one rupee.

The bank balance of Rs 1200, which he left for his family, is a positive proof of his honest living, and his noble character. He set an example to utilise the state exchequer on the national development, instead of personal pursuits. He was the only leader who left in India a large estate and never claimed any compensation for his landed property. If one would compare the integrity of the leaders of Pakistan with that of Liaquat Ali Khan, it is a comical comparison. The excesses of each successive government, not just the current one, go against every ethical principle of governing a country where half of the population live below the poverty line.