ISLAMABAD - Former Olympian Naveed Alam sees no improvement happening in the national game saying the Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) is only working on the junior players while the others are left behind.

Naveed said the PHF was organizing camps, games and tournaments only for juniors and not for other players. “PHF need to work on grassroots level for the revival of the game by organizing national junior, women, senior etc tournaments and camps,” he said. Naveed said the tournament was an easy one and Pakistan was thought to do well in the tournament. “The main competition of Pakistan was against India which it lost by 6-2 which was disappointing,” he said.

Naveed said the junior team’s overall performance was good but they lost the real match against India. “Pakistan scoring just two goals against India is not what we call a good game. However, India played well and have improved a lot,” he said.

India’s Harmanpreet Singh was the top scorer with four goals, Armaan Qureshi and Manpreet chipped in with a goal each. For Pakistan, there were only two goals from M Yaqoob and M Dilber respectively.

Talking about the PHF affairs, Naveed claimed that PHF officials had taken Akthar Rasool and Rana Mujahid in the Asia Hockey Federation meeting at Malaysia which was irrelevant. “Akthar and Rana are not part of the federation and they are the ones in whose tenure the game suffered,” he said.

Naveed said PHF need to focus on the game and should not include those people with them through which the game has suffered badly. “Currently I see no revival of the game in the country and if this goes on then the game will be damaged more,” he claimed.