To day I happened to walk under neath metro bridges from Murree road to IJP road. In this distance of 200 to 300 meters I saw some very saddening spectacles. There were three or four places with clear signs of water seepage. At one place water was still dripping today, although last rain visited us 3 or 4 days ago . Water if is not properly drained and is left standing posses the great potential to cause fissures and cracks and can cause irreparable damage. Ultimately this poor drainage will reduce the service life of metro . I have felt that there is a dearth of wash room facilities at our metro stations . At such a busy place like Faizabad there should have been a lot of more wash rooms. Although sanitary workers were present but soap dispensers were dried up or were broken. Wash room door handles and bolts have already disappeared.

Material used seems to be non durable. I am ashamed that in my homeland structures made to serve generations on generations can stand only six months . There was no dowels , hooks, coat rack or rails in the wash rooms.


Islamabad, November 12.