Located on MM Alam road, Jing- Far East Wok Works, is a relatively new Asian fusion restaurant. Lahore has numerous eateries catering to those who wish to eat Chinese, Japanese and Korean food. Jing, however, adds to this by bringing in cuisines from all over Pan Asia making it one of the few restaurants like X2 that offer a variety of dishes from East-Asia. Mariam Saqib of Veranda Bistro has brought this restaurant to Lahoris after the success of Veranda Bistro, which like Jing, is a part of the House of Be Be Jaan group. 

The place, upon entering, looks like a fusion of a fine dining and casual dining restaurant. The ambience is welcoming and despite not being too large, the restaurant looks very spacious. The only thing that didn’t go with the ambience was the playlist, which upon asking, Mariam Saqib told The Nation was a backup playlist being used due to problems with the restaurant’s WiFi. This immediately reflected the restaurant’s capability to resolve any operational problems without letting the customers face any issues.

For the review, we were left utterly confused since everything on the menu looked equally appealing. A small thing we noticed was how the restaurant has mentioned the spice level of each dish with a certain number of red chillis painted on the menu in front of the dish. While 1 chilli represents mild food, 4 represent extra spicy food. This is worth appreciating since the customers know exactly what to expect while ordering the dish.

The Appetizer:

We started our meal with an appetizer and skipped the soup. The chicken wontons were served within 5-7 minutes of ordering and looked perfect. The wontons were crispy on the outside with a perfectly spiced chicken and vegetable filling. The sauce that came with the wontons complimented them perfectly.

The Main course:

Jing has a wide variety of dishes that you can choose from. The restaurant not only offers the traditional chicken, beef and seafood entrees but also has duck entrees. For our main course, we tried the vegetable fried rice, orange chicken and the Tamarind fish.

Vegetable fried rice:

We couldn’t help but notice how crunchy yet perfectly cooked the vegetables were in the rice. The freshness of the vegetables made the rice even more appealing. However, since we were people with small appetites, the quantity sufficed for us. For people with a large appetite, the quantity may not be enough for two people as suggested by the restaurant.

Tamarind Fish:

This was perhaps the best fish we have tasted in a while. The fish was perfectly crispy on the outside and equally soft on the inside. As suggested by the menu, the spice level was spicy, but nothing unbearable. The fish came with a tangy and slightly sweet tamarind sauce. Initially, we thought the sauce was too less for the fish, however, we later realized that it was the perfect quantity of sauce for the fish since any more sauce would have overpowered the flavor and would have made the fish too sour. The fish was more than enough for two people.

Orange Chicken:

Despite a very appealing presentation, the orange chicken failed to impress us with its taste. The orange sauce was good, but one of the spices present in the dish had a very overpowering flavor which affected the taste of the entire dish. The quantity of this entrée was good for two people though.


We were too stuffed for dessert but the restaurant has a variety of ice creams that will make your mouth water. With time, we hope to see the restaurant expand its desserts section and perhaps bring in some far eastern desserts to Lahore.


The presentation of the food and the cutlery used is perhaps the best thing about this restaurant after their tamarind fish. The food looks very appealing and appetizing when it is presented and, most importantly, is fresh. The restaurants kitchen is spotless and it can be seen that the operations are dealt with very carefully.

Overall experience:

Jing is definitely a restaurant that is worth visiting. The staff is very well trained and can answer queries without any issues. They’re confident enough to go and ask the chef if you ask them something about a dish that they aren’t entirely sure about. This is a plus point since they don’t misguide the customers. The per head cost can range from somewhere between 1500-2000 and above but is absolutely worth it.