Islamabad - Beaconhouse Newlands School Bani Gala celebrated the Global Dignity Day yesterday in a unique manner when the students and teachers invited the workers and staff of the school to a party.

The party became the occasion to celebrate the Global Dignity Day where the students and working staff of the school shared a meal. They played games and enjoyed music together.

Global Dignity Day is celebrated worldwide to highlight the concept that every human being has dignity and that dignity must be respected.

The school administration of Newlands School took the opportunity to familiarise their students with the concept that they have to respect and treat every person they come into contact at home and in the school in a dignified manner.

Cooks, watchmen, gardeners, peons and drivers all participated in the events of Global Dignity Day.

The working staff members were invited to display their talent in singing and dancing. Most of the staff sang folk songs. A group of watchmen and guards performed Khattak Dance. The students of the school enjoyed and applauded the performances of the working staff. The students also presented gifts and greeting cards to the working staff.