LAHORE  - Police yesterday arrested two of the five nominated accused in connection with the Sundar factory collapse, early this month.

A police officer confirmed the arrests of Tahir and Munir, said to be architects. However, engineers Ahmad Riaz and Muhammad Hussain are still on the loose. Factory owner Rana Ashraf had died in the tragic incident.

A couple of days ago, Sundar police registered a criminal case against factory owner, Rana Ashraf, two architects Tahir and Munir, and structure engineers Ahmad Riaz and Muhammad Hussain on the charges of terrorism, murder, and attempted murder.

A Punjab government official says he believes the factory flatted when construction work was underway on the 4th floor. He said that the factory map had been approved by the concerned department despite the fact that there were many flaws in its construction plan. Similarly, the structure engineers did not bother to visit the site to check the construction work. The factory management started construction on the top floor without getting permission from the concerned departments.

At least 45 people were killed and more than 100 pulled alive out of the rubble after a four-storey factory collapsed on them on November 4. Most of the victims were underage and underpaid workers.