Lahore - Indian filmstar Aamir Khan yesterday said that the conditions in India are worsening with every passing day for the religious communities. He said that her wife is worried about kids’ security and has suggested him to leave the country.

Joining the voice of Bollywood King Shahrukh Khan against the rising communal tensions in India under Prime Minister Narenda Modi’s rule, Aamir Khan , a Muslim considered to be one of the best actors in India, said his wife is extremely worried about the security of the family and wants them leave the country.

Aamir Khan also backed the award returning drive by the scientists, artists and people from other walks of life against the violation of minorities rights. The PK hero said that he has been hearing about the situation in the country and gets alarmed. “We read on newspapers what s happening, we see on TV what s happening and certainly I ve also been alarmed. I can t deny it”, said Aamir.

Earlier, Bollywood star Shahrukh Khan had spoken out against the wave of intolerance that is spreading in India like wildfire in the recent past. As a result, extremist Hindus had declared him a Pakistani agent.

The façade of India as a secular nation is fast deteriorating due to extremist Hindu organisations have repeatedly interfered in people’s right to free speech.