The minority groups of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa are demanding the provincial government to implement a five percent quota in government jobs in order for them to actively participate in community development. Considering that KP is the only province that has allocated just three percent as quota to minorities for jobs at professional educational institutes and the government sector compared to five percent in the other provinces of Pakistan, these lamentations are more than justified.

The tragic fact that Special Assistant to Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister on Minority Affairs Sardar Soran Singh was shot dead by armed attackers – linked to the TTP – in Buner on April 22, 2016, shows that KP must do more to ensure the safety and protection of its minorities. Representation of minorities in the KP Assembly stands at less than adequate despite that there are 50,000 registered minority voters in the province. There is no representation of minority women, which indicates the suffering of the community and the gender gap that needs to be fulfilled by providing them with better working opportunities in the government sector.

In the absence of a census, the population of minorities has been increasing and the job quota in KP has proved to be inadequate to cater to the growing population. A proper quota in education institutes must also be determined so that a larger minorities population is catered to. Representatives have raised the issue of very limited access to medical and engineering universities and colleges of the province and this should be increased along with the provision of government jobs.

While the Fata Secretariat should be appreciated for celebrating Diwali in the area, the Hindu community wants jobs and accountability of where the funds allocated for them are being spent. All Pakistan Hindus Minority Rights Chairman Haroon Sarabdyal has alleged that there was no transparency in the funds for minorities and each department should publish its records of all expenditures to ensure accountability, a worthy recommendation that should be taken seriously.