It appears almost unbelievable to know that our chief executive has declared his own private or parked house at Raiwind as his camp office and spends billions of rupees on its maintenance, development and security. For instance, a security wall around it has recently been constructed from public funds at the cost of rupees 75 Crores.  

One fails to understand as to why our honest, virtuous and heavily trusted PM does not establish his camp offices in Waziristan, Balochistan, Gilgit-Baltistan and in Karachi for quickly solving the problems of the people instead of making his own private houses at his camp office for drawing undue benefits from the government treasury which is already under a huge debt of billions of rupees. I remember a short while ago an ex-President requested the government for grants to be permitted to see his ailing mother abroad, whose request was dismissed with an alternative option that the government was willing to bring his mother in Pakistan and also treat her here at state expenses.  

In due compliance of the same precedent and principle of justice, why does our chief executive not bring his ailing mother from Jati Umra to his big official house at Islamabad and help save his official time and the central exchequer for the greater good of the state and the best of the poor, who should be more dear to him than to his own family. Would it not be appropriate for me to request the PM of Islamic Republic of Pakistan to please refund and deposit the entire amount of public funds he has expended on his private house under false pretenses. 


Rawalpindi, October 25.