The news about a renowned politician who uses abusive words for people who can be considered as his acquaintances. Name calling is a strategy that is used by the people in order to humiliate others.  

I would like to raise a question that if Pakistani journalists use the same speech on electronic media; PEMRA immediately takes action against them. Pakistan is perceived as having freedom of press but it doesn’t seem like it. In fact, I think this rule is only applicable to journalists and not every individual of Pakistan. Our Pakistani reporters and journalists are obliged to follow all the rules and regulations that have been set by the Supreme Court and Constitution of Pakistan but our politicians do not find this to be a part of their responsibility to follow.  

I have witnessed some journalists that are banned from media ever present on the news. Why are the reporters and journalists liable to face the music if they obtain any information in an inappropriate way or when their word selection is unethical? Under the Constitution of Pakistan; Article 14; no one has any right to inviolate the dignity of a man. I guess our politicians are so keen on using abusive words and inappropriate language on electronic media that they have forgotten who they represent.  

Why is PEMRA not taking any action against the politicians of Pakistan when they violate the Article 14 of Constitution of Pakistan? Article 19 states that every individual has a fundamental right of freedom of speech so it is depressing to see that we can’t see any implication of the above article in Pakistan. Our journalists and reporters instantaneously receive life threats if they try to expose any governmental issues. 


Lahore, October 26.