Children are considered to be the flowers of any gardens but unfortunately in this cruel world they are facing a great problem that is known as child labor. According to the International Labor Organisation (ILO), there are approximately 250 million children around the world, from the age of five to 14, who are now working as laborers. 

Pakistan, unfortunately, is among those countries where child labor is at its peak. Actually child labor is banned in Pakistan but this law is never implemented. Accordingly to a survey, approximately 45 percent of the children in the state have been exposed to child labor in one or other form. The main cause behind child labor in Pakistan is the ever increasing unemployment, which has dragged many families below the poverty line. It is my humbly request to the responsible authorities to take a serious step to eradicate child labor in our country and we hope that our rulers will put this agreement into practice using all means at their disposal. 


Turbat, November 12.