After living for a few years abroad, Individuals are eligible to apply for nationality and proudly proclaim their American, Canadian or British nationality. But the moment they land in Karachi or Hyderabad, where they have lived for decades and were born there, identify themselves as Muhajirs. Even after taking an Oath of Allegiance to USA pledging their undivided loyalty to America and promising to do whatever is required of them to protect American national and security interests, they are allowed to play a lead role in the politics of Pakistan, by virtue of which they decide fate of millions who would live and die in this country. 

Why does the State willingly allow this conflict of interest, which can jeopardize our national security? The Urban population of Sind who live in Karachi, Hyderabad etc have their right to get elected their representatives to voice their genuine concerns and demands for equal opportunities in recruitment etc. However those whom the Election Commission of Pakistan clears after scrutiny to be eligible to contest elections must give proof that they have lived in this country in preceding five or three years. This condition should be made mandatory for every person aspiring to contest elections, including those who contest on PMLN, PPP, ANP, PMLQ, JUI etc party tickets or as independents, to ensure that they have no stakes in another country, which can pressurize their thought process. 


Sukkur, November 13.