PUEBLA:- A US mountaineer died while climbing Mexico 's highest summit - the inactive Citlaltepetl volcano - with bad weather hampering efforts to recover his body, official sources said Wednesday. The unidentified climber was part of a group of four scaling the 5,610-meter (18,400-foot) mountain located on the border between the states of Puebla and Veracruz, Ruben Dario Herrera, director of Civil Protection in the state of Puebla told AFP.–AFP

 "They were separated in pairs and at some point (on Tuesday) he died," Herrera said, adding his companion descended "to make contact with the US embassy and ask for help."

According to a police report accessed by AFP, his companion - named only as Marck, from Denver, Colorado - said the climber died after they "fell on a crack."

He did not provide further details about the climber , but confirmed he left the body "marked" and "secure" near the top of the volcano.