LAHORE-The 35th death anniversary of legendary Pakistani film actor‚ producer and script writer Waheed Murad was observed on Friday.

Waheed Murad was a legendary actor who won wide acclaim all over the world. Known as a chocolate hero, Waheed performed in hundreds of movies, most of them were considered as blockbusters movies of that time.

In 1966, he acted in Armaan under his production which was directed by Pervaiz Malik. Armaan broke all the box office records at that time and completed 75 weeks in theatres. The film was a romantic and melodious love story.

The songs like Koko korin , Akele na jana, Betaab ho udhar tum and Zindagi apni thi ab tak sung by singer Ahmed Rushdi.

He received two Nigar awards for the categories best producer and best actor for the film Armaan. During the same year, he starred in another film Jaag utha insaan with co-star Zeba.

In 1967, he appeared as leading actor in films like Devar bhabi, Doraha, Insaaniyat and Maan baap. The story of Devar Bhabi is based on Indo-Pak’s unjust social thoughts and norms. Insaaniyat he played a role of a dedicated doctor.

Waheed Murad delivered a smashing performance as an ‘action’ hero more than ‘once’ in an enduring career. Unlike many others, he enveloped himself in the characters he played, which earned him admiration across the board.

His acting style is being taught in Indian and Pakistani film institutions. He is considered as one of the pioneering Rock n’ Roll stars of Pakistan. Due to his romantic and alluring style of acting, he became known as the ‘Chocolaty Hero’ and ‘Lady Killer’. His hair cut, dressing style and even his conversation style were very popular among the youth. One can say that he was becoming the cultural icon of the Pakistani Film Industry.

An early death brought an end to his illustrated career, which spanned over many decades. His lovers remember him on his death anniversary by holding special functions every year.