There are many issues in our society But the biggest one is Judicial system. Here we always see two types of judicial system in our society One for bourgeois class and other is proletariat class . So this is the main barrier to develop us as a progressive nation , because judicial system is the main pillar of any state or society .Before the arrival of holy prophet PBUH in Makkah the Arabs people lifestyle was not so good . At that time when bourgeois class dot, illegitimate activities then no punishment while when proletariat class dot, illegitimate activities then the authorities give punishment .So due to that cruel system in Makkah hundreds of people were died every day with out any reason. After arrival of Hazrat Muhammad PBUH every one got equal rights.

Education is also an important pillar any society .With out education you can’t take any decision in your life. In holy Quran Allah says “ARE THOSE EQUAL, THOSE WHO KNOW AND THOSE WHO DO NOT KNOW?” QURAN 39:9 .. In our country thosand of Mphil and phd student complete their degree but they are still unemployed because they have no skills and abilities due to lack of education system .our research is totally based on pledurisim . least but not last duty and right is also the main issue in our society which lead to lack of progressive we don’t raise our voices for our rights then we can’t progress. If we don’t do our duties we can’t grow up as a developed nation. So it is important for us to know our rights and our duties. Inshallah as a Pakistani will developed as as a progressive nation.


Lahore, November 5.