Punjab Chief Minister (CM) Sardar Usman Ahmad Khan Buzdar has said that the days of hollow slogans have passed and serving the public is the government’s sole agenda.

He stated this while talking to various delegations belonging to different cities, which called on him here on Saturday and apprised him about their grievances. The CM listened to their problems and issued on the spot orders for the resolution of their problems.

Speaking on the occasion, CM Buzdar said that the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government was standing with the downtrodden and the work done by this government in 90 days has never been done by any previous government. He said, “The people are our real power and the problems of the people are my personal problems.”

The CM said that national interests have always been kept supreme and the PTI government would continue doing so in the future as well. “Concrete measures are being taken to improve living standards of the common man,” he added.

Buzdar said that the economy has been ruined by the wrong policies of former governments and facts have been concealed with fabricated data. “Now is the time of the public prosperity and we have no agenda other than public service,” he said, adding that he would not allow anybody to impede the process of public service.

“Those who will resolve public problems, will get our respect and action would be taken against those who, rather than resolving public problems, would add to them,” he said adding that he personally monitors action taken on any public complaint.