A lot of damage to the private transport and property has been done by the TLP hooligans and though reportedly a few cases have been registered against some of them yet, it is not at all hoped or expected that the TLP would be made to compensate for these losses. Far from it.

Similarly, a lot of condemnation and criticism of the recent three day events by the TLP followers is carried out on the social media and many a video clipping showing such devastations has gone viral. But the big question is, “Should we just remain silent spectators, mockingly ridicule and satirize such “Aashiqan” for all what they do and which they may repeat again and again whenever they want, or, can we do something to counter and thwart such hooliganism devastating life and property of the innocent citizens of Pakistan?”

We are leaving it all to the government, which it is feared may not impose its writ upon them due to some political considerations. Therefore, would it not be in order and appropriate that we, the citizens, ourselves adopt means and measures to protect ourselves against any such future eventuality? Should we, therefore, not organize and establish volunteer Mohalla & Precinct Security Forces of able bodied young and dedicated people equipped with bamboos and sticks and even licensed small arms which would be used for returning the fire, if there is any, and in the self defence ONLY, to protect and safeguard our lives and properties? The hooligans would first be appealed and requested to refrain from violent protestation, failing which force will be used against them to quell their nefarious designs and safe guard the life and property of the innocent Pakistanis.

For those who may not be knowing, such Mohalla Volunteer Forces were quite effective in safeguarding the lives and properties of the Muslims during the Hindu-Muslim riots in 1947 of the pre-partitioned India. If anyone has a better suggestion, let’s have it please.


Rawalpindi, November 5.