BHAKKAR-Qatari Prince has reached the 'Thal Desert' to hunt internationally protected migratory bird Houbara Bustard.

According to media reports, tents for Princes have been installed near Mahni and Katimaar, areas of Thal.

Three walls with rubber and metalled sheets and barbed wires have been erected around the tents.

Prince Muhammad Ahmed along with his associated reached Bhakkar while arrival of more two princes is expected in the coming week.

Qatari Princes come to Thal Desert every year to hunt Houbara Bustard where after the stay of few days they go back to their country.

On the other hand, District Wild Life Officer Shahid Nawaz has said that the government has issued special permits to Qatari Princes for hunting of Houbara Bustard.

Qatari guests pay $100,000 fixed fee and 100 dollars per bird for use of falcons has also been paid separately.

According to Wild Life Officer, Qataris' have been issued permit letters for hunting 100 Houbara bustard and they have not allowed to hunt any Houbara bustard more than the fixed numbers.