The terror attack on the Chinese Consulate in Karachi has left several alarmed as this definitely was a targeted attempt to dampen the strengthening of ties between China and Pakistan. The building comes under the red zone which is heavily guarded and it is difficult to maneuver an attack such as this. The security officials - Police Force, Rangers, and the FC personnel - should be commended for successfully managing the situation. The Rangers were alerted timely in order to manage the situation because, by the time they reached the location, the terrorists had made their way inside.

This is not the first attack of such nature. And it highlights how there are anti-CPEC forces working to jeopardise the security of the Chinese workers and bring an abrupt halt to the project. For this very reason, the Rangers had to clear out the area to check for explosives nearby. The three terrorists had also brought a bomb vest which did not explode. Two policemen, who were guarding the gates, also lost their lives and should be commended for their services. All the staff and the locals were sent to safer environments so that the clash between the authorities and the terrorists does not harm those who are innocent.

Pakistan has sent out a very clear and precise message regarding the attack that no terrorist activity will be tolerated in the country. All those behind the attack will be brought to justice and the country will do everything in its capacity to ensure that they streets become safe for the people. Foreign Minister, Shah Mahmood Qureshi, has also reiterated the fact that Pakistan and China will crush all efforts to curb the progress of the OBOR initiative. All Chinese officials were safe during the incident and the Chinese Foreign Office was immediately dispatched a notice of the incident with the assurance that everything was under control. Although the Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) has claimed responsibility for the attack, there are no sources to confirm the news and that is why a proper investigation into the matter is required.

A relief must be provided to the families of the victims and the security for foreign officials should be increased to ensure that no such mishap takes place again because Pakistan is under a strict scrutiny already due to being in the FATF grey-list.