LAHORE-With his impeccable looks and perfectly designed star appeal, Momin Ijaz makes the pop world of Pakistan a really exciting place to be observed right now.

He began his singing career from Punjab College Gujarat. Performing live shows with other senior artistes back in the days like Sahara UK, Bilal Saeed, Falak Shabbir, Farhana Maqsood, Arif Lohar and others, he made his name among the music enthusiasts with his soulful voice.  In a brief encounter with The Nation, he talks about his career and success in Pakistan’s music industry. Following are the excerpts:

Gone are the days when we remembered the lyrics of a song. Today, we remember only hook lines. Why?

I think this is because the composers and lyricists focus more on the punches of the song with the thought that if the punch line or title of a song is out, the song will be easily memorized and become a hit.  I would say it’s not good for our industry or any other music industry rather; that only the hook lines are remembered instead of the actual whole song to which people can relate and enjoy the feel of the music. Songs should actually have a meaning with feelings or should be fun to enjoy and that’s what music or songs are for.

A lot of renowned singers have turned actors. What do you think of this trend?

If singers think they can pursue their career and take it further to another level through acting then why not. It’s their choice if they have time according to their schedules and their own personal preference. I totally support it because I’ve seen many singers turning actors and actually doing better than singing.

Tell us something about your song ‘Rukk Jaa’?

It’s a sad love song, which is very close to my heart. I have composed and written the song myself. It is based on my real life experiences.

A lot of old hits are re- recorded these days in new films. Does that help the film?

A film becomes a hit or is liked because of its story line but no doubt nowadays these re- recorded songs are becoming popular. I would say since the public likes them and films are being known by these remixed songs but the re- recorded songs should be justifying the story line of the movie.

The songs today have lesser shelf life. Why?

Today’s songs are not worked on properly. They are not given the time required and the hard work. A song should be lyrically strong and composition should also be strong too just like I mentioned in your question in the beginning. So basically, the lyrics and composition should be properly worked.

What’s your take on the on- going #Metoo movement?

I support anybody who is being harassed and would be ready to help in whatever way I can. Since, I believe if the victim is in front of you and you’re witnessing something wrong happening you’re even more a part of those people who victimize.

I do support the ‘#Metoo’ movement and would say that it should be spoken about openly and without fear so awareness is created and others are secure and if not completely finish at least such inappropriate behavior reduces in number and make the societies better and our sisters, mothers, daughters and other women of our families don’t fear.

Which songs would you say were the game- changers in your career?

My debut song, ‘Rukk Jaa’ for which I’m still being praised and people are still appreciating it.

Would you like to tell us about your upcoming projects?

There are many different projects ready and also some aligned by the Grace of Almighty Allah but right now I don’t want to disclose anything about them. You’ll see everything soon. Let’s just keep everything a treat for my fans.