I have been a keen follower of the lawyers' movement since last year. The PPP's present position on the movement has been uncomfortable for many and the party is said to have suffered heavily for its divergence from the stand of PML-N on the judiciary issue. The PML-N, on the other hand has politicized the issue to its maximum advantage, though I feel its association with lawyers has caused more damage to the lawyers' struggle than PPP's disassociation from it. PPP is seen as standing on the opposite side of the divide despite the fact that its government had released the deposed judges right after it took office and had also restored their salaries. Most importantly, it facilitated the lawyers' Long March in June this year, and let it take place unhindered. It is important to be fair while attributing credit or discredit in the lawyers' movement. The lawyers need to rethink their strategy and come up with a way to re-energise their movement. Unlike last year when we were dealing with an unconstitutional ruler, this time there is a legitimate government in place. It cannot be challenged by way of force. A political government is constantly treading the fine line between its constitutional obligations and protection of its political interests. This should be an important consideration in any efforts that are made to reinvigorate the movement of black coats. -MOHAMMAD ALI DANISH, Islamabad, October 23.