ISLAMABAD (APP) - Adviser to Prime Minister on Finance, Shaukat Tarin here on Thursday directed the Ministry of Petroleum to rationalize gas demand and supply system on national network for reaching an out of box solution in a way that national industry does not suffer in terms of productivity. Chairing the meeting of Economic Monitoring Committee (EMC), he advised the ministry to bring forward a comprehensive gas load distribution proposal, taking into account all stakeholders' needs. On the occasion, the EMC recalled Ministry of Petroleum's earlier briefing on Natural Gas Load Management Programme for winter 2008-09 that has been finalized after incorporating input from all stakeholders, focusing sectoral consumption in terms of volume and percentage. The programme takes into account sectoral consumption trends, demand- supply projections, peak consumption analysis and sectoral measures for load management. The programme reflects maximum consumption during peak winter season for domestic, industrial and commercial sectors. The programme envisages first priority for domestic and commercial sectors followed by second priority to industrial sector. Total gas consumption demand during first month of the peak period (December-2008) calculates to 2567 MMCFD. The gas consumption forecast-based adjustable shortfall is proposed to be addressed through readjustments amongst various sectors taking into consideration national priorities. The domestic sector, however, has been proposed to remain un-impacted. The proposed Natural Gas Load Management Programme would be later presented to ECC for approval. Reviewing release of funds to development projects during 2008-09, Adviser directed Financial Managers and Planners to conduct a threadbare analysis of what falls under the category of Non-negotiable Expenditures, doable development expenditure and desirable expenditures, and submit practical proposals for EMC decisions. Reviewing sugar prices, EMC debated the possibility of Ministry of Commerce and MinFAL's offloading part of strategic stock of sugar to stabilize market prices for public convenience. It was decided to offload 50 thousands tones of sugar in market focusing further reduction in sugar prices. MinFAL briefed EMC that presently it has 3.4 million tons of wheat stock that could adequately meet local demand. The Adviser directed MinFAL to ensure provision of wheat supply to NWFP, ensuring that no shortage occurs in the market. MinFAL briefed EMC that during July-November, 2008 total wheat arrivals in Pakistan were calculated to 17,50,000 tons, adding that international market wheat prices have started registering a downslide. He directed MinFAL to supplement existing wheat stock position which is a combination of procurement sources from domestic and foreign markets. MinFAL further briefed EMC on existing urea demands and possibility of import through Saudi Facility. EMC directed MinFAL to complete its homework and submit doable proposals in next meeting.