ISLAMABAD - Capital Development Authority (CDA) has postponed the inauguration of Art & Craft Village for the third time till the end of current year without giving solid reasons of the decision. The village is situated on Shahera-e-Kashmir next to Rose and Jasmine Garden. The Art and Craft Village aims at reserving a place for artists and artisans from across the country, where they can make their contributions to preserve Pakistan's cultural heritage. Although the artisans as well as residents of the Capital have been eagerly waiting for the opening of village for several months, however, despite setting different dates for inauguration of the village, it could not be launched on set schedule. "Construction of village has been completed and we will inaugurate it as soon as possible, probably at the end of December," said the CDA Special Projects Director, Sanaullah Aman while talking to TheNation here on Thursday. He further maintained that CDA was giving a final touch to its lawn, boundaries, parking lots and food courts after that we will invited selected artisans and take time from the PM for its formal inauguration. Replaying to a question, he said that a few proposed additions had caused the delay in the formal opening of the Arts and Craft Village. It is worth mentioning here that the official of the CDA firstly decided to inaugurate Art & Craft Village on August 14. However, they failed to open it on set schedule and delayed this project till November. The Art and Craft Village is the culmination of a vision jointly shared by the CDA and the Indus Heritage Trust. It celebrates and showcases the rich cultural heritage of a country that dates back 10,000 years to Mehergarh, Balochistan. The purpose behind setting up of the village is to encourage traditional crafts and textiles. The unique feature of the under-construction village is that it would offer employment opportunities to hundreds of skilled craftsmen. The authority has also planned to replace one group of artisans with the other, most likely after every two months.