LAHORE - Former Pakistan great Imran Khan came out in defense of coach Geoff Lawson, who seems to have failed to impress Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Ijaz Butt. Butt, who took over as chairman of the PCB recently, minced no words when he called Lawson "useless", but insisted the Australian wouldn't be sacked before his term ended next year. Under Lawson, Pakistan have failed to beat any big teams, and several former cricketers have asked for him to be sacked, and instead a former Pakistan cricketer appointed as coach. However, Imran Khan and Javed Miandad, two of Pakistan's most prominent cricketers, differed. "How can you blame the coach for Pakistan cricket's ills when your domestic structure is stagnant," Khan said. "Don't expect miracles from the coach. If a coach could produce results without a proper domestic system then Bangladesh had the best coach (Dav Whatmore) and they should have been world champions," Khan added. "It is not just an issue of coaching. Lawson should not be blamed solely. The players should also take responsibility and I think they should be held accountable as well," Miandad opined. He added that involvement of non-professionals in the board has ruined the game in the country. The former coach also blamed undisciplined players for the dismal performance of Pakistan Cricket Team blaming them more for the poor results. Miandad praised the new chairman for his management skills and hoped he will take the right steps for the revival of cricket in the country. Meanwhile, PCB former chief operating officer Shafqat Naghmi threatened to sue chairman Ijaz Butt for alleging that he stole sensitive official documents. "I am in discussions with my legal counsel and we will decide in next two or three days what to do. But baseless accusations are being made out against me," Naghmi said. Butt, at his news conference on Monday, accused Naghmi of trying to steal sensitive documents of the board and also of other mismanagements. Naghmi, a grade-21 civil servant, was appointed COO of the board by former Chairman Dr Nasim Ashraf in 2006 and called to the board on deputation. Since taking over, Butt has started a clean up operation in the board and vowed to sack "corrupt and inefficient" officials.Naghmi, however, said he had not stolen any documents as alleged by Butt. "I took official documents which belonged to me. I can show those documents but not at this stage as they are official and it would be a breach of confidentiality," he said.