The PPP Central Executive Committee which met at Islamabad on Friday unanimously asked Zardari to continue as party Co-Chairman for an indefinite period. I think it is ultra vires of the constitution as well as against the oath of President. PPP, though, cares two hoots for pledges and wants to make a 'political statement' of it. Ordinarily, one would have requested the Supreme Court to take suo moto notice against this constitutional violation by President who should be disqualified from the office he holds at present. Except that one can't. It makes one understand why deposed CJP and his fellow judges were not restored. Musharraf had faltered after nine years but the PPP has begun its worst practices right away, which would put even Yahya, Zia and Musharraf to shame. The way they have crushed the poor through their economic mismanagement and anti-poor policies shows they won't be around for long. Machiavellian politics cannot sustain anyone and PPP is no exception to this rule. -FATIMA MUSTAFA, Peshawar, via e-mail, October 11.