LAHORE (PPI) - All the Pakistanis who have their accounts in foreign countries should bring their money back to rescue Pakistan's economy and to save the government from accepting the toughing conditionalities of International Donor Agencies. This was stated by Vice Chairman Pakistan Industrial and Traders Associations Front (PIAF) Khawaja Shahzeb Akram in a statement issued on Thursday. Khawaja Shahzeb Akram said that at a time when the county was facing liquidity crunch, there were a large number of Pakistanis who have huge accounts in foreign countries that they could bring back to strengthen the economic situation. The PIAF Vice Chairman also urged the government to ensure the uninterrupted supply of electricity to the industry so that it could be able to help the government stop economic meltdown. He said that the recent crisis had eroded the confidence of the local businessmen and they were reluctant to put their money in any new project so there is a need that the government should launch a campaign to restore the confidence of the business community. The PIAF Vice Chairman said that the government should also motivate the commercial attaches posted in foreign countries as their help could pave the way for much needed foreign investment. Khawaja Shahzeb Akram said that the government also should put ban on import of luxury items that were eating up huge foreign exchange.