ISLAMABAD- The enhanced security measures in the Federal Capital have made the city strange for its residents, who are often wandering in the maze of barricades placed at various intersections to reach their desired destinations. After the deadliest Marriott blast, the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) Police have restricted direct access of private vehicles to important government offices and five star hotels. Barricades have been placed on roads at various places to divert the public and private transport to alternate routes. Besides the various problems it created, and the depression the general public is continuously experiencing, it made the city routes stranger for the motorists as well the residents. A motorist, Saleem Shah, while talking to TheNation said that it took him a long time to find shortcut to reach a certain place due to the barricades placed on various roads, which compelled him to travel much longer to reach his destination. It made me feel that the city has become stranger to me, he added. Another motorist said that the other day, he had no choice but to change the routes twice on Ataturk Avenue to reach Embassy Road via Blue Area as both the intersections were barricaded. He further said that he avoided Suharwardy Road because of the long queues of vehicles near Serina Hotel due to strict checking and barricades placed in front of the Hotel. The barricades, and security personnel armed with sophisticated weapons standing behind sandbags on nearly every busy road, have also created a sense of depression among the residents. While entering Islamabad from Rawalpindi through Faizabad Interchange, the very sight of armed security personnel deployed down the Highway make a person feel as if he is entering into a war zone. Often there is hot talk among the passengers of public transport regarding the negative impacts on people's mind because of the enhanced security measures  in Islamabad.