According to a press report of September 13, 2008, Attorney General Sardar Latif Khosa has said that the government is working on various reforms for speedy dispensation of justice. In this regard, packages and other facilities for the judges have been increased. The motive behind more perks at public expense for judges is quite obvious. However, the relevance of these perks for speedy dispensation of justice has not yet shown itself in results. Almost every government in the past has increased perks of judges but so far the promised cheap and speedy justice is still very much a dream. Even worse, no effective authority exists to question courts for inordinate delay in justice. Practically, the entire legal system, be they judges, lawyers or their associated machinery, is serving the interests of the rich at public expense. In response to AG's call for suggestions, I offer the following in public interest; one, most laws and legal procedures are so worded as to allow litigation for years without final verdict. This needs to be reviewed urgently. Two, bereaved families undergo mental torture for months, sometimes more than a year, to get a succession certificate from a court, usually at a cost ranging between Rs 30,000 to Rs 50,000. This should be changed. Lastly, the owner-tenant problem can be solved if a written rent agreement is made mandatory and honoured by the courts. -RAJA M. AFZAL KHAN, Gujjar Khan, October 1.