President Zardari's visit to China was a great success. Chinese leaders accorded him protocol and respect due to head of an important friend. Chinese media, including the mass circulation China Daily in a five-column report gave banner headlines like Visit cements all weather friendship. This mass circulated daily gave wide projection to the president's visit to China, and highlighted the eleven pacts inked between the two countries. The eleven agreements, MOU's and protocols will enhance bilateral cooperation in diverse sectors on a sound footing. They were signed in a formal ceremony at the Great Hall in Beijing, in the presence of President Zardari and President Hu Jintao. These pacts and protocols if professionally implemented will expand and consolidate Pakistan's infrastructure, energy, telecommunications, industry, minerals, trade, disaster relief, and space technology. The details of the accords inked are: "    Agreement on economic and technical cooperation. "    Amendments to Free Trade Protocol. "    Framework Agreement in the field of minerals. "    MOU on cooperation between the Ministry of Land Resources of Peoples Republic of China and Pakistan's Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources. "    Agreement on Environmental Protection. "    Co-operation in the field of radio and TV. "    Paksat-IR Satellite procurement agreement. "    Scientific collaboration in agriculture research and technical cooperation. "    Property Exchange Agreement between the Foreign Ministries of the two countries. "    Cooperation Agreement between Beijing Museum of Natural History and Museum of Natural History of Pakistan. "    MOU for cooperation between Cricket Associations of Pakistan and China The pacts cover most aspects of Pakistani's economy, and include the much-awaited setting up of China Economic Zone in Pakistan to facilitate Chinese investment. There was lot of talk by the Musharraf government of setting up of China Economic Zone in Pakistan. It does credit to the PPP government that a pact has been signed for the setting up of China Economic Zone in Pakistan. This is a bold accord and an important agreement of mutual benefit. An agreement was signed with the Great Wall Industry Corporation (CGWIC) - the largest space industry provider, to help launch Pakistan Telecommunication Satellite in 2011 from Xichang Satellite Launch Centre in China. The two presidents issued a joint statement re-affirming their resolve and commitment to carry Pak-China bilateral relations and cooperation to new heights. Under the strategic pact signed earlier, it was decided to reinvigorate the multifaceted bilateral relations, foster people to people contacts, and intensify economic cooperation. There has been a government-to-government and military-to-military cooperation between Pakistan and China since long. It is hoped that a climate is created, to welcome Chinese friends as tourists, traders and students in Pakistan. We have a lot to learn from China, and such learning at the people's level will give rise to China friendly culture in all the provinces. China has risen like an economic giant, because of high expertise in economic planning, managerial and organisational skills, production efficiency, discipline, and high technological expertise. Pakistan became an independent state on August 14, 1947, but after sixty years of independence, we had several ups and downs; and must work hard to achieve political stability and economic prosperity. By 1949 Communist revolution had triumphed, and China adopted socialist economy. Labour intensive industries were created, and leaders like Mao Tse Tung and Chao En Lai, urged people to work with their hands, use bicycles as the main means of transportation, and treat each other as equals. Self-criticism was encouraged, to overcome individual and collective shortcomings. After three decades China's new leader Deng Zao Ping in 1979, decided to reform the economy and industry, by benefiting from Western education, research and capitalist economy. Thousands of Chinese with PhD degrees were tasked to reshape Chinese economy and industry. The results are astounding. China has risen like a shining meteor, and has emerged as a superpower, without claiming such a status. Humility is the hallmark of Chinese culture, which is five thousand years old. It is a blessing that the Chinese government and people have a gracious attitude towards Pakistan, despite our failings and shortcomings. During my 1972 visit to People Republic of China, as member of National Defence College delegation, I requested for a visit to a poor man's cottage. The Chinese hosts took me to the mud hut of a 75 year old widow, who was living in a thatched mud hut with a damp floor. She offered me a bowl of boiled rice. I asked her what she did for her living. She pointed towards a small table, and said that she assembles clock's, and sells to the local commune. We visited F-6, Mig-19 fighter production facilities and saw external fuel tanks being shaped by leather brooms. Soon after China's Minister of Aviation on a visit to 101 Maintenance Unit of Pakistan Air Force, wondered why with so much modern machinery, we did not manufacture own fighters? We need to do soul searching and educate and organise ourselves like the people of China who have leap frogged into the modern age. China has helped Pakistan set-up aircraft factories, tank and gun factories, heavy mechanical and electrical industries, ship building industry, and we together constructed the Silk Road - the Karakorum Highway, which is a wonder of the world. China has helped Pakistan in the construction of nuclear power facilities and hydro-electrical projects. Prime Minister Bhutto brought the two countries together. Following in his foot steps, under President Zardari, Pakistan will take long strides towards progress and prosperity. We all have become aware of the spectacular rise of China on the world scene. Just as Henry Luce dubbed the 20th century as The American Century, many are recognising that the 21st century will be "The Asian Century", with China's leading the way. Pakistan's friendship with China is deep as the Indian Ocean and tall as the Himalayas. President Zardari's China visit proves that Pakistan desires to walk hand-in-hand with their Chinese brothers. In just one generation, China has tripled its per capita income, and lifted over 600 million people out of poverty syndrome. And they now have become the major competitor for energy and other commodities. China has emerged as a mass manufacturer of consumer good, electronics, automobiles, and the biggest supplier of consumer good to the entire world including America and Europe. China has a big hand in Pakistan's industrialisation and infrastructure development. Our biggest success will be to associate and cooperate with China and learn to stand on our own feet. We have the potential, but need the leadership which inspires us to rise like China. The writer is a retired air marshal