Nobody can solve our power shortage problem overnight. A gestation period for both thermal and hydel output is required. If we had tried to put up Kalabagh dam now, it would have taken us just six years to do so and we would have had 3600 MW of additional cheap power in the kitty. That means Pakistan in general, and Karachi in particular, would have had ample power and there would have been no need for the present increase in power rates. The progressively higher power rates that we are forced to bear now would result in higher cost of production for our industrial goods which would have an adverse effect on our economy. The only way our electricity shortage problem may be solved now would be through a process of self-regulation, or forced conservation. If the price of power continues to increase the way it is doing, at some point it will automatically affect consumption forcing the entire nation to make a real effort to conserve. This is a rather ironic way of achieving the objective of meeting the shortfall. -MASOOD HASAN, Lahore, October 1.