Pakistan's economic morass has created widespread despondency and panic in the country. Unfortunately those at the helm of affairs are in a state of paralysis unable to think and act. Instead of remaining composed, thinking objectively and taking the logical course for resolution of the crisis, they are running from pillar to post begging for foreign dole for which Pakistan will later have to pay a heavy price. Our economic woes are attributable more to our policy blunders and less to foreign machinations. There is hardly a country in the world with such vast resources in the agriculture sector but is sustaining billions of dollars of trade deficit on account of importing food. Why do we keep importing potato chips when the West is not even allowing our textile products into their countries? Is there not a need to revisit our import policy and make it compatible with the ground realities? Going to IMF and World Bank will only sink us further into the quagmire we are in. -MUHAMMAD ARSHAD, via e-mail, October 11.