America loves Pakistan so much that she wouldn't let Pakistan die. It is America's emotional need that Pakistan must keep on living. But not like a vigorously healthy creature. A healthy Pakistan would dampen American's passion for Pakistan. Pakistan must live on but like a patient in an intensive care unit. If, God forbid, Pakistan were to expire then American's exploitation of Pakistan would simultaneously expire. But America can't afford to be deprived of this exploitation. Obviously, a healthy Pakistan couldn't be exploited easily. Only a sickly Pakistan could be thus exploited. Pakistan's politico-economic chaos has been a political bonanza for the White House. It is only because of this turmoil that Bush has been able to use Pakistan for his adventures in Afghanistan. Bush has for years been hunting for Osama in Afghanistan. So far all his adventures have been utter fiascos. The White House is littered with the dead bodies of the adventures. Bush is about to leave the White House. What would he do with the corpses? Would he carry them with him or leave them behind for the edification of his successors? One simply wonders In order to capture Osama Bush's forces have been regularly violating Pakistan's territorial integrity. Bush is on his way out. Obama, a presidential candidate has declared that if elected, he would continue lacerating Pakistan's territory like Bush. In this regard, Obama has declared himself to be a keen worshipper of Bush. Obama is a black American. So far, Osama has been able to make a fool of a white president. One simply wonders if he would be able to make a fool of a black president as well. Osama has established himself as a great technologist. His escapist technology has outclassed Bush's hunting technology. Would Obama, as president be able to create a better technology? One simply wonders. But if Obama's technology also failed then Osama would richly deserve scientists' applause for this technical acumen. When Israel occupied Palestine, the Palestinians did not have appropriate weapons to fight back. By way of revenge, they resorted to suicidal-attacks. They were dubbed terrorists. When Bush occupied Iraq, the Iraqis did not have appropriate weapons to fight back. By way of revenge, they resorted to suicidal attacks. They were dubbed terrorists. When Bush occupied Afghanistan, the Taliban did not have appropriate weapons to fight back. By way of revenge, they resorted to suicidal-attacks. They were dubbed terrorists. In Afghanistan, Bush has been avenging the killings of the innocent Americans in the Trade Towers. He has been revengefully bombarding every nook and corner of Afghanistan. Numerous innocent men, women and children are being killed. The Afghanistan graveyards are bursting with overpopulation. Bush believes that Osama attacked the Towers. He also believes that Osama has been hiding himself in Afghanistan. But why should Bush kill innocent Afghanis? He has a simple ethics. It says that if you can't kill the killer then it is your moral obligation to indiscriminately kill all the citizens of the country where you believe the killer is hiding himself. What sort of a world are we living in? Only the Devil knows. Whenever a Western power wished to be humiliated it invaded Afghanistan. The British colonial conquests turned Britain's head. She resolved to add Afghanistan to her colonial menagerie. She barged into Afghanistan. The Afghans crushed the invader. Sometime later, Russia was also tempted to add Afghanistan to her empire. Like Britain she also invaded Afghanistan. It met the same fate. The Afghans were as invincible as the stars. Now America is at war with the Taliban. The Taliban are fighting back as resolutely as ever. So far, the years of fighting have given Bush nothing but the dead bodies of his soldiers. Bush is a lame duck. The NATO commanders have declared that the Taliban are invincible. The declaration must have worsened Bush's lameness. Bush's entire presidential tenure has been a tenure of destruction. Israel destroyed Palestine with his blessings. He himself destroyed Iraq and Afghanistan. Soon he will be out of the White House. One wonders what he would do with the remaining years of his life when he is unable to destroy any part of the globe. We must pity him in anticipation. What the White House has always done to us is a tragic story. Unfortunately, we keep calling it to our minds. And our blood keeps boiling. We must forget the story. If we don't, our blood would keep boiling intenser and intenser. Let's pity our blood. Let's forget for our blood's sake what we have suffered. We must not, must not, must not forget to forget. The writer is an academic