ISLAMABAD - At a time when our key security buildings and officials are being targeted, the unrestricted and frequent movement of military vehicles in public areas invites high security risks. It has been observed that there are potential security threats to all those cities, which have cantonment areas. Last year, surgeon general, Army Medical Corps (AMC), Lt. Gen. Mushtaq Baig was killed in a suicide attack when he was travelling in his official car. Later, the investigations revealed that the attacker was waiting for any army vehicle to target it and the slain general became the victim. Recently, Brigadier Moeenud Din was gunned down in federal capital when the assassins sprayed countless bullets on him and he was too travelling in his official vehicle with security staff, making it easy for the miscreants to identify him. In 2007, when suicide attacks in the post-Lal Masjid operation, Operation Silence, gripped the country, the then government had directed all the federal and provincial departments through a notification to instruct their officials not to use green number plates in public areas. The particular notification had further instructed the government officers of security agencies to change the colour of vehicles, use simple number plates and remove other prominent official marks from vehicles as precautionary measures against repeated attacks on security agencies. Soon after the issuance of said instructions, router and official number plates were removed from security vehicles and their colours were also changed. The security officials also used plain clothes, besides keeping a mellow profile in public. These steps were actively followed for a few months. An official of Interior Ministry told this correspondent that with the change in government, the security agencies stopped following precautionary measures related to restriction of movement despite the said instructions were still in force. He said that currently no plan with regard to restricting military and security vehicles from public areas was on the cards. A source in GHQ informed that Pakistan Army was taking extensive measures to combat terrorism. However, he expressed his ignorance over whether or not any step related to restriction of movement was in the pipeline. As far as I know, we are taking concrete steps to grapple with terrorist activities but honestly speaking, I dont have any knowledge of those measures that you have discussed, he told this scribe.