The ogre of terror has completely pinned down Pakistan. University, school, mosque, hospital, market, no place is safe. Our own land has become a 'no go area' for a common citizen who has nothing to do with America or Taliban. Fear and panic rules everywhere. I think we should blame ourselves for the situation. We dived headlong into the Afghan 'Jihad' in the eighties, made these radicals a hero and savior of the Muslim Ummah without foreseeing the repercussions of it. And to think we are still breeding these fanatics in our madressahs, teaching them the same ideology of hate that permits them to kill innocent citizen in the name of Islam. And they are growing largely unchecked due to lack of madressa reforms. If anyone dares to talk against these madressahs, a decree is issued against his lack of faith. We observe many protests against drone attacks and USA but no one dares to resent against these terrorist attacks or show the slightest bit of antipathy against these killers. How many protests have been launched by right wing parties against these terrorists? None at all A large number of politicians and religious scholars are still trying to score brownie points with implacable right wing of the country by drawing imaginary lines of differentiation between extremists of various hues, between the so-called good or bad Taliban. What good have Taliban done to Pakistan? These people find an easy escape route of blaming America and our own government which is so feeble that its own existence is at stake right now. Unfortunately, we are reaping now what we had sown two decades back. And, the catastrophe is that we are still busy planting the same seeds. -ALI AMMAR, Karachi, October 21.