ISLAMABAD - The Supreme Court (SC) on Friday directed the sugar mills owners and the federal government to thrash out differences on the sugar price mechanism in the light of Lahore High Court verdict by October 29, otherwise the apex court would come up with its verdict in the case. The three-member SC bench, headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry, directed both the parties to reach some consensus formula on sugar price by October 29. The issue of sugar is still a bone of contention for us as both parties have failed to work out a mechanism to ensure sale of sugar at Rs 38/40 per kg, the Chief Justice remarked. He told Shah Khawar, acting Attorney General, that if federal government could not succeed in finding out way to give relief to the poor public then the court would itself take the final decision. 170 million people are waiting anxiously for early judgment which may provide relief to them, Justice Jawwad S Khawaja said. The present crisis did not arise due to price hike but because of mismanagement on the part of the federal government, he added. The representatives of Pakistan Sugar Mills Association (PSMA) stood firm at their stance that they could not provide sugar in accordance with the LHCs judgment, the three-member bench observed. Finance Secretary Salman Sadique informed the court that Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani was holding a high level meeting with all stakeholders to formulate a solid policy next week. He said the meeting would chalk out effective procedure, which would be acceptable to all stakeholders. Shah Khawar told the court that that the PM was informed regarding the issue and he (PM) assured us that the matter would be resolved soon. Chief Justice also suggested revival of system to provide sugar to the consumers at special sale points at reasonable prices. Meanwhile, the court adjourned the hearing by October 29 asking all the parties to resolve the matter within five days. On Thursdays proceeding, Supreme Court also sought assurances from the federal and provincial governments that they would ensure availability of sugar to domestic consumers at Rs 38/40 per kg. It also directed Salman Sadiq to ensure availability of sugar at Rs 40 per kg asking him to find the way of relief for the poor in light with consensus with sugar mills owners.