ISLAMABAD The Islamabad Rent Restriction Ordinance 2001 has become an unending source of unrest among the landowners and traders of the city, as politicians are totally indifferent to replace the dictatorial order with a balanced law. Representatives of traders unions of the federal capital argue that the Ordinance is one-sided and favours the landowners only. Simultaneously, office-bearers of landowners association, too, demand replacement of the Ordinance with a balanced law to put an end to the tussle between the owners and the tenants. Traders are especially complaining against the provision of the Ordinance under which a tenant can be evicted if he or she fails to deposit the rent money within 15 days of the date agreed upon in the tenancy agreement. Malik Sohail, President of Traders Welfare Association, Blue Area, states that owners make brutal use of the provision whenever somebody else offers them higher rents for their property. Owners refuse to collect rent money from their tenants for a month or two and the other day send a default notice to the tenant, Malik narrated, adding that the Ordinance totally favoured the owners in this case. The Ordinance also provides owners with a tool to get their property evicted in the name of personal use and later rent out the same property at higher rates, he further said. The traders representative blamed the politicians for playing in the hands of powerful landowners of the city, saying, It was the Parliament that was responsible for our plight. Malik Sohail also informed that due to the absence of a just tenancy law, rents of residential units in the city had crossed all limits. More than $ 5,000 per month rent is being demanded for a thousand square yards apartment in F-series of sectors, he said. He also revealed that the CDA Chairman had rented out his house in Sector F-7/1 for Rs 250,000 per month. When contacted, Khalid Randhawa, an office-bearer of the Islamabad Owners Association, said that the tussle existed only between those tenants and owners who had signed no mutual agreements. He, however, admitted that some owners were making wrong use of the Islamabad Rent Restriction Ordinance 2001. He also said that the Ordinance favoured the owners a bit more than the tenants. Owner of Sihala Flour Mills, who also owns property in Blue Area, said that the everyday tussles between the owners and tenants had frightened owners and they were no more renting out their properties to individuals but preferred corporate groups. They not only offer handsome rents but also abide by the agreements singed with the owners, he said. The issue needs serious attention of the lawmakers, who are all indifferent despite a number of protest demonstrations and strikes observed by the traders. This correspondent attempted for the last couple of days to get version of Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Dr Babar Awan and Leader of the House in Senate Nayyar Hussain Bukhari on the issue but to no avail.