ISLAMABAD (APP) - Standing Committee of the National Assembly on Textile Industry expressed concern over the supply of substandard pesticide to growers, mechanism of prices and suggested to have check and balance on the pesticide companies in the country. The meeting of the Standing Committee on Textile Industry held Friday in the Parliament House, Islamabad under the Chairmanship of Haji Muhammad Akram Ansari, MNA to brief on the recently announced Textile Policy. The committee appreciated the first and foremost effort of the Govt to announce the best textile Policy in the country and recommended that problems of labourers, as well as short-comings as non-availability of gas, electricity, yarn and thread in the industrial sector should be removed with the guide-lines of the Members of the Committee. Regarding increase of textile of exports, the committee said that government should work out on this slogan that We want trade not aid. The Committee also recommended that facilities of gas and electricity should be properly given to the small and big industrial units in the country to promote the textile industry in the country and the gas should not be disconnected to the industrial units. The Committee further recommended that representation of the small industrial units in the association of each sector should be given in the association of each sector at the district level due to which the people having small industrial units deprive from getting the incentives from the government. It also recommended that fine quality of seed at cheaper rate for growing cotton should be provided to the growers and producers to get the best production of cotton.