ISLAMABAD - Following the recovery of two more dead bodies from the jurisdiction of Tarnol and Shahzad Town police stations last week, number of total murders in the federal capital has reached 65 during the current year. The majority of the cases reported to the city police stations are blind murders, police officials told TheNation. According to data obtained by the TheNation, 17 cases of murder were reported to Tarnol Police Station, 9 to Shehzad Town Police Station, 7 to Koral Police Station, six in the limits of Margalla Police Station and five others in the Industrial Area Police Station limits. Meanwhile, the police stations including Golra, Sabzi Mandi and Abpara reported less number of murders during the current year as three persons each were murdered in the limits of these police stations, two each in the limits of Aabpara, Secretariat and Shalimar police stations and three in the limits of Nilore Police Station. A spokesperson of Islamabad police claimed on Sunday that police have traced 21 murders and produced their challans in the court. However, according to well-placed sources, in most of the cases, the police had not so far started proper investigation. Also, lack of investigative officers and system, which be helpful in tracing the murders scientifically. Lack of workforce and knowledge of scientific research are big hurdles for tracing the blind murders, a senior police officer told TheNation on condition of anonymity. Concerned at the rising crime graph in the capital city, Islamabad police authorities have introduced a beat system for their constabulary to ensure effective policing, however, it is yet to produce desired results.