RAWALPINDI - Among other things, Saddar Bazaar is also known for its makeshift Lunda Bazaar that has been a Sunday feature in twin cities for years and is catering the needs of lower middle class and unprivileged segment alike. With the advancing biting cold, the roadside stalls are pouring with turtlenecks, woolen pullovers, and leg warmers. Makeshift landa market near Taxila Stop in Saddar is attracting customers looking for cheap apparel and other household items of all the seasons at a cheap rate from markets. The landa bazaar is held every Sunday along both sides of the road near Rawalpindi Railway Station. This market is resourceful as stallholders here deal in all kinds of secondhand clothing accessories like shirts, paints, trousers also bags, toys, curtains, bed sheets, and other items of the seasons. Household furnishings like curtains, table clothes, aprons, working overalls, tea-cozies, table napkins, wall carpets, floor mats and even floor carpets can be purchased from here. The consignments of old clothes and other items, especially in Pakistan, come from America, Italy, England, Switzerland and Germany. They come in kilograms or in containers of 20 tons and are brought to Karachi first where custom duty levied on them. They are then brought to other cities of Pakistan and sold to people at reasonable price. Informed a 60-year-old Shabir Shah who has his shop here for 12 years. Landa literally means a market that sells loose items at throwaway prices. Pakistan has the worlds biggest Landa markets across the country, he informed. 'You see it will cost you Rs 300 in main market, I will give it to you for only 150 or even hundred if you please but just for you, not for others and dont tell others that you bought it from me on such low price. The pavement seller was persuading a young teenager and ultimately ends up selling the shirt for Rs 100 however, he was still happy. Later according to Raheem Ullah he had saved approximately Rs 50 on it. All the clothes are not second hand, even some national branded companies sold their rejected stuff to us also material came to us from different countries, Raheem Ullah added who has been establishing his stall on every Sunday here for the past three years and have a good name in market. While some items are kept inside the shops, a lot of stuff is sold outside on carts on relatively low price than the stuff inside. Stall holders avail the services of young boys who sell and care the stuff on carts, We give them a few items which they sell at a price lesser than inside the shop. They either get daily wage or commission on the sold items. First there were a few shops here but in previous few years many stalls have been sprung up along the road and now the market is flourishing and expanding, Mumtaz Bloch, deals in curtains said.