HYDERABAD (APP) Federal Minister for Water and Power Syed Navid Qamar has said that the rate of electricity units has been increased owing to increase in the international oil price and also due to non-payment of the utility bills by a large number of consumers. We will expedite action against the factories, mills and other private consumers who are stealing the electricity and by doing this they are harming the countrys economy, said the minister while talking to media during his visit to rain and flood hit areas of Tando Muhammad Khan on Saturday evening. Qamar said the subsidy of Rs300 billion provided to the power sector was only second to the budget amount allocated for the countrys defence. While the nation bears the brunt of this subsidy, comparatively smaller number of people reap benefits from it. When asked about the criticism of the govt by PML (N), he said they want to remove the govt because they were afraid of the PPPs victory in the upcoming senate elections. Talking about the flood situation, the minister said that the response by the foreign humanitarian organizations was far lower than what they did after floods in 2010. Perhaps they observed that the magnitude of the disaster was also comparatively lower, he added. However, he assured the people of all possible support from the PPP government which is providing them financial support through BISP and Pakistan Cards in addition to the rehabilitation packages for the affected farmers. The federal minister pointed out areas where rain and flood water was still standing and asked the administration to ensure their prompt drainage to enable farmers for Rabi (winter) sowing. DCO Barkat Ahmed Rizvi, PPP district president Haji Amin Lakho and Syed Qasim Navid Qamar, besides others, accompanied the minister.