GUJRANWALA - Poverty led a teenager to kill his parents, six siblings at Kallar Abadi before the wee hours on Sunday and tried to portray the heinous act as dacoity-cum-murder incident. Accused Afzal, 18, is believed to have mixed drug in the food eaten by his family before shooting them dead at about 3:00 am. His father, mother, four brothers and two sisters died on the spot. After slaying the whole family, Afzal shot himself and rushed towards his grandmother, telling her about the robbery and sought help. Police were called who detected his lie after initial grilling. Afzal, who was the eldest of the children, confessed to his crime, saying he decided to kill all of his family members because he could not break the vicious cycle of poverty that had engulfed the family, police said. It has been learnt that the deceased head of the family was a gambler while the family was begging flour from relatives and neighbours a day before. "His father was a poor donkey cart owner and he (Afzal) told us that the father had been unable to feed the family twice a day," police said. The corpses were removed to the DHQ hospital for autopsy and Baghbanpura police registered a case against the accused.