LAHORE (APP) Kisan Board Pakistan (KBP) urged the government to immediately control prices of agriculture inputs and fix its rate at Rs 4,000 per maund to facilitate the cotton growers. KBP President, Sardar Zafar Hussain in a press briefing on Sunday said that all possible incentives relating to agriculture should be provided to the farming community to strengthen the agriculture sector. He asked the government to take necessary steps to direct sugar mills to make payment of sugarcane worth crores of rupees to growers. He alleged that rice and sugar mills and others were using tactics to exploit farmers which hindered food sufficiency. He said that the availability of fertiliser at controlled rates should be ensured to facilitate farmers to enhance per acre production. He called for reducing prices of agriculture inputs and purchasing agriculture products at reasonable rates in the interest of poor farmers and improvement of the agriculture sector. He said the government should fix non-Basmati rice at Rs 1200 per maund and Basmati at Rs 1800 per maund and purchase cotton and rice at govt level.