Last week, we had an awful traffic jam in the City, what the late Saddam Hussain would have called the 'Mother of All Traffic Jams. Saddam Hussain came to mind perhaps because this was the week which nded with the killing of another Arab paladin, Muammar Gaddafi. One wonders which died worse. Saddam was hanged, Gaddafi dragged wounded through the streets of his hometown. Both were a far cry from their heydays., when they strutted with pride, apparently confident that they would last forever. One wonders especially about Gaddafi, who ruled Libya for so long that one could almost be forgiven for assuming tat he would be there for one lifetime. But even in this, the Almighty was probably merciful. After a few years, perhaps it would be his sons rebelling against him that would make his old age, already made miserable by illness, more miserable. Gaddafi was for some time more popular than Saddam. Well, here at any rate. But the traffic jam, which tookm place before Gaddafi was killed, was not caused y protests in his favour, but by a combinstion of things in the city. Apart from a number of protest, there was the Islami Jamiat-e-Tulaba ijtima-i-aam at New Campus, which ended the same day s Shms Masih first killed his school girlfriend Samar Masih at the Kinnaird College overhead bridge, then committed suicide himself. Ive always felt its a funny sort of love tht makes one kill the object of ones affections, though I can understand the suicide. Anything to stay out of the hands of the police. Especially they already know the perpetrator, and have him. I dont know why, but Shams rem8inded me of the 1973 film Kubra Ashiq, which starred Rangeela in the title role. Of course, Rangeela himself died in the fullness of age, in a hospital bed, not on an overhead bridge. Of course, the filed lover is an essential part of the culture of the Subcontinent, but he should also then become a poet.. Before globalization gave us TV channels, and poets got jobs, there was the figure of Kaidoo, the cripple and tattletale of Heer Ranjha. But wasnt Kaidoo left standing at the end of Heer Ranjha? Apart from the traffic jam, what I really object tois all the people coming in from elsewhere. Look, Samar was from Faisalabad, Shams from Sargodha. They came here to go to school. Samar got admitted to KkC, Shams to nowhere. No wonder she saw reason. OK. In school she had a loser from a boyfriend, but that was no reason why she should be a loser too. But one wonders whats happening to Kinnaird these days. There was a time when this wouldnt have happened. For some reason, apart from the Kubra Ashiq, Im reminded of a story told by one of my uncles , who said he extracted untold riches (or rather, privileges at the college tuckshop) from a fellow student for going to the KC hostel to see the girl o whom the other guy was affianced. These were two postgraduate hostelites, and that was howb you found out how you were getting married in the old days: from a letter from your father. That father probably had handlebar moustaches, boots as heavy as his eyebrows and a walking-stick, and had probably settled the match while slurping a cup of tea noisily with the girls father, whose moustaches were as handlebar, and slurping just as noisy. There was none of that modern nonsense about actually seeing the girl you would marry. And there was none of that suicide nonsense either. Kubra SHIQ was played by a comedian. Still, Shams had a point. He was being rejected because he wasnt going to college. In the old days, when children didnt speak to father because they ere scared of them, not having been to college might have been a disqualification for the boy because it meant that he wouldnt get a government job. Those were the days when a girl didnt marry a boy, but a dowry married a job. Or if not a job, at leas a inheritance of some squares of land. In the latter case, the wedding was attended by an assortment of uncles-by-marriage complaining about the food. But whatever happened in Lahore, no less a person than US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was in the country, though she didnt get dengue. Dengue may well be an incentive to murder, because if your chances of the death sentence are greater than dying of the dengue, your chanes of dying of the dengue are greater than that of meeting a US Secretary of State. But it seems that a Secretary of State will not die of dengue, especially a Secretary who has been a First Lady too. But perhaps Ms Clinton needs watching. After all, she only came here when Gaddafi was safely dead, and Samar and Shams too. It might not be her personally, but someone with her. Our own President should be careful. As should Rehman MalikSorry, I meant Dr Malik. He hasnt submitted his list of assets, and the Election Commission has suspended his membership of the National Assembly which is the latest conspiracy to s6top him paying attention to being the Sole Warrior on Terror. I dont know why he reminds me of Gabriel Garcia Marquez Love in the Time of Cholera, which I dont think he does. It must be the Kubra Ashiq.