Isnt it quite unfortunate as well as dangerous that now-a-days different mafias have been spreading their tentacles in the country with impunity and accordingly have been making the lives of innocent citizens of the country a hell? Presently the people of Pakistan are under the serious threat of various mafias such as extortion mafia, land mafia, drug mafia, weapon mafia, feudal lords mafia, hoarding mafia, child labour mafia, encroachment mafia, transport mafia, kidnapper mafia, undue profiteering mafia, beggars mafia, etc. If we have to bring Pakistan on the right track, then we must take sincere and serious efforts for completely wiping out the growing menace of such mafias from our society. Only then the people of Pakistan would be able to heave a sigh of relief to some extent. ABDUL SAMAD SAMO, Karachi, October 21.